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Charles Recaido is one of the ten guitarists / composers on the 2005 Grammy-winning album "Slack Key Volume 2" , his contributing song being "Kanakanova".

He is a member of the multi-Hoku nominated instrumental guitar trio Kohala, along with Charles Brotman (Grammy-winning producer of 'Slack-key Guitar Vol.2') and Rupert Tripp Jr. (original member of the group Nalu and a Hoku-nominee in the Christian music category). On January 20, 2009 Kohala performed in Washington D.C. at the Hawaii State Society Presidental Inaugural Ball. Their albums have been included on the radio playlists nationally and internationally in The New Age and Smooth Jazz categories. They have toured extensively in Japan and the U.S.

He is a founding member of the late seventies Hawaii group Summer that was part of the contemporary, original music movement in Hawaii, spear-headed by Cecilio & Kapono and Kalapana. On August 23, 2008, these three groups appeared together in concert at the sold-out Waikiki Shell for C&K's 35th anniversary celebration. It was a reunion of the Aloha Stadium show in 1976 that drew 30,000+ people. Summer's first release, "Summer In Malibu", featured five of Charles' originals, one of which is "Forest" which has remained a staple on the local radio airwaves as well as being re-recorded by other artists.

He was also part of the Big Island duo Pahoehoe along with Kevin Teves. They released two albums in the early '90's, 'First Flow' and ' Acoustical Realm'.

He won "Engineer of the Year" and "Best Recording by a Pop Artist" (Summer/ Coconut Tango) for the 1996 inaugural Hawaii Music Awards. He has engineered numerous albums; most notably, all of multiple-Hoku winner John Keawe's solo releases

His forthcoming debut solo album " Life Among The Hills" let's him expand on his skills as a songwriter, arranger, session musician, singer and producer-engineer. Crafting songs that he has writtten over the years into a collection of sonic stories about life and its experiences, they are set to a backdrop of eclectic grooves. It reflects his influences rooted in the jazz, rock, folk, pop, bossa nova and Hawaiian genres with an emphasis on the acoustic guitar                                             




As artist:

1976- "Summer In Malibu" - SUMMER

1990- "First Flow"- PAHOEHOE

1994- "Coconut Tango"- SUMMER

1996- "Acoustical Realm"- PAHOEHOE

1999- "Kohala"- KOHALA

1999-" Island Treasures" - KOHALA

2000- "Lullaby"- KOHALA and Friends

2001- "Back To Kohala"- KOHALA

2002- "Flying"- KOHALA

2003- "Cool Breeze"- KOHALA

2004- 'Best Of Kohala"- KOHALA  (Japan release only)

2005- "Slack Key Volume 2"- Various artists (Grammy winner)

2006- "Deeper Blue"- KOHALA

2007- "Kohala Live"- KOHALA

2008- "Kohala Christmas"- KOHALA

2010-  "Life Among The Hills"- CHARLES RECAIDO


As engineer and/ or producer or session musician/ writer

John Keawe

Ledward Kaapana

Kunia Galdeira

Free and Easy

Walter Boy Tavares

Ua (Japan)

Mele Hula (Various artists)

Eddie Ku

Pali (Tribute album)

Dave Heaukulani

Leabert Lindsey

Marcus Wong-Yuen

Joe Battery

Olliphonic Horns

Waikoloa Christmas Promo

Nino Ka'ai

Summer ("Coconut Tango")



Solid Rock Ministries

Rupert Tripp Jr.

Kalei Bridges

Dave Toland


Iwao (Japan)

The Buccaneers (Canada)


Aunty Noelani Buchanan

Kahuanu Lake Trio (assistant engineer)

Ala Nui












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